Preparation of annual financial statement

Any organization (LLC, CJSC) or an individual entrepreneur, from the moment of their state registration, is required to submit, within a clearly defined timeframe, accounting, tax and statistical reporting to the tax authorities, extra budgetary funds and statistical authorities.

This requirement applies also to organizations and individual entrepreneurs, who, for some reason, did not conduct financial and economic activity in the reporting period, did not pay and did not calculated salaries.

EASY OPEN GROUP specialists will do the following during closing the year:

  • reconciliation of debts with buyers and suppliers;
  • reconciliation of taxes with Tax Authorities;
  • Matches annual results with client management;
  • Preparing the minutes of the shareholders' meeting to confirm the annual results;
  • Provide balance sheets, profit loss statements, and cash flow reports to the clients;
  • Submit reports in accordance with IFRS / US GAAP standards
  • Declare annual financial statements in the Tax Authorities and the Center of Registers

We suggest that you do not waste time studying all these requirements and nuances and order a service so that EASY OPEN GROUP prepares the required set of reports.