Book-keeping services

Benjamin Franklin, "'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.

The success and prosperity of any business depend, among other things, on punctual and professional maintenance of accounting records – both for legal entities and private entrepreneurs. This statement is hardly possibly to disprove because any company’s chief executive at any time may require the most complete and reliable information regarding the state of company’s affairs for the adoption of current or strategic decisions. However, to find a high-qualified accountant may become one of the most complicated tasks. Firstly, it is quite difficult to appraise applicant’s professionalism and real competences for the person that does not have theoretical and practical knowledges and skills in accounting. Secondly, not every small-sized company is able to afford hiring top-level accountant because the wages of such specialists may be unaffordable for small enterprises.

EASY OPEN GROUP has seven years’ experience of provision book-keeping and tax accounting services for representative offices and branches of non-resident companies and Lithuanian legal entities with 100% foreign participation. Companies from US, UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, use our services on a regular basis.

Our client’s managers and accountants speak English fluently and are ready to answer any questions of parent’s company staff.

Complete book-keeping and tax accounting services for representative offices and branches of non-resident companies include:

  • Book-keeping and tax accounting in accordance with Lithuanian Accounting Standards (LAS);
  • Online banking (preparation of payment orders as well as preparing currency purchase/selling orders, etc.);
  • Payroll service;
  • Preparation of expenses reports, work with employee advances;
  • Preparation and filing of all kinds of regulatory reports according to LAS;
  • Arrangements with Tax Authority;
  • Preparation of management accounts according to IFRS or parent’s company standards;
  • HR records keeping;
  • Tax consulting;
  • Consulting on employment and labor law.

If you already have in-house accountant you may be interested in our payroll and/or HR records keeping services.

To get more information about the cost and list of services and terms of cooperation, please send us your request.

Along with accountant services, you can also be interested in our legal services such as:

  • Establishing / closing of foreign companies;
  • Opening / closing of bank accounts;

Work permits for foreign citizens.