Establishing- liquidation services

Registration of LLC for the majority of entrepreneurs is the first step in the way of building a new business. Registration of a legal entity (company) has a number of serious advantages before registering an individual entrepreneur (entrepreneur), namely:

  • The founders of LLC are liable to creditors only within the limits of their contribution to the authorized capital; therefore, they do not risk their personal property;
  • After the registration of the LLC, the founders are not obliged to participate in the economic activities of the company (enterprise) they created, but at the same time they receive a share of profit in accordance with the share in the authorized capital of the company;
  • A legal entity (enterprise) created in the form of a limited liability company has practically no restrictions in the choice of the scope of the company's economic activities

To be fair, a limited liability company has one very significant drawback in comparison with IP - a much larger volume of tax and accounting reporting for the company: any LLC is required to maintain an accounting record.

Legal services for the registration of LLC

  • Discussion with the specialist EASY OPEN GROUP of all the nuances, subtleties and wishes for the registration of the LLC and questions of choosing a taxation system, obtaining a list of documents for the registration of a limited liability company, obtaining advice and instructions on further actions, obtaining additional information on legal services related to the establishment of LLC - By phone, viber, skype or during a personal meeting;
  • Collection and transfer to EASY OPEN GROUP of documents for registration, including notarized copies of all documents on the list prepared by our lawyer. Our specialist can accompany your visit to the notary and, if necessary, submit documents to the tax authorities;
  • Payment of EOG services for registration of a legal entity (LLC).

For legal entities that used our services for state registration, EASY OPEN GROUP offers a discount on accounting support.

Legal services related to liquidation of LLC.

Many business owners today face the need to liquidate the firm. The reasons for liquidation of the company may be different, including loss making of the enterprise, business restructuring, and violations in the tax activity of the company due to improper accounting, gross violations of the law, etc. At the same time, liquidation of the company is a labor-intensive process requiring certain procedures.

The process of liquidation of a firm includes several stages.

  1. Decision on liquidation
  2. Notification of the registering authority
  3. Placement of information in the media
  4. Employee Notice of Liquidation of a Company
  5. Notification of creditors
  6. Drawing up the liquidation balance sheet
  7. Distribution of the remaining property
  8. Delivery of the liquidation balance sheet
  9. Registration of liquidation of a legal entity

EASY OPEN GROUP specialists render the entire range of services related to liquidation of the company (LLC, II, etc.).